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Sanctification Happens

What is Sanctification and Is it Happening to Me? To be sanctified means (a) to be set apart for God’s will and purposes (b) to be made holy, pure, or sacred or (c) to become perfect in function. Sanctification is a theological term that often puzzles people. This is possibly because in different translations of […]


How Does The Bible Explain Grace?

Let us attempt to understand what grace is by first considering what it is not. We will look at what scripture has to say about the nature of grace, which is commonly defined as God’s undeserved favor towards mankind. Grace is not dependent on or related to anything that people do This means that the […]


What the Bible Says About Redemption

Let’s talk Redemption Let us consider a special transaction involving three elements – a business man, a customer, and a mutually beneficial deal between them. The business man has an item that the customer wants. He is eager to provide this item in satisfaction of his customer’s desire. The customer wants to obtain the item […]


The Bible And The Transcendence Of God

The meaning of the word “transcend” in the English dictionary describes rising above, going further, triumphing over, being more, or extending beyond conventionallimits. When we use this term in connection with God, we are acknowledging and recognizing that He is completely beyond what we can imagine, understand or comprehend. Let’s explore what scripture has to […]


God of Peace

Is War Ever God’s Will? There are many examples where God used war to bring justice to a righteous people or to destroy evil: War in the Old Testament In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word “milhamah” (translated “war”) occurs more than 300 times. “Milhamah” is only one of several Hebrew words associated with the […]


Is Cursing a Sin?

Is Cursing a Sin? One of the most subtle ways of lowering America’s standards of morality and decency is the increasingly public use of cursing and profanity. Yes, there are laws against the use of foul, filthy language in public, but these laws are not enforced. Consequently, young people are subjected to the kind of […]