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Mental Illness and the Christian Response

A Real Battle Worth Discussing Mental illness is an uncomfortable topic among Christians, who often misunderstand it or ascribe its cause to demonic influence. In fact, a study by LifeWay Research shows that almost half of evangelical Christians believe mental illness can be “cured” through prayer and Bible study. But what does the Bible itself […]


Is the Bible True and Reliable?

Is the Bible True and Reliable? How The Bible Stands Up Mathematics and the Bible It would be foolish to try to argue that the Bible is a textbook of mathematics. Any reader would realize that it contains some arithmetic, but not a presentation of the science of mathematics. However, anything the Bible says about […]


Is the Bible Inerrant?

Bible Inerrancy God’s Word is Perfect As we look back into history, the great theologians and Bible teachers of the past didn’t address themselves to the problem of inerrancy because inerrancy was assumed. But that has all changed. Today, the issue of inerrancy is one of the most important questions currently faced by Christians. According […]