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Antichrist – The Leader at the End Times

The Antichrist – Man of Lawlessness The term “antichrist” has a double meaning in Scripture: 1. Antichrist as a general enemy [Greek antichristos, against or instead of Christ]. (DAVIS DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE, p. 39). The-word antichrist may mean, as the etymology shows, an enemy of Christ or a usurper of Christ’s name and rights […]


Facts About Biblical Inspiration

The term “inspiration” is found but once in the New Testament. This occurs in 2 Timothy 3:16. Here Paul says All Scripture is given by inspiration of God…The Greek word is theopneustos, and literally means, “God-breathed.” The plenary-verbal view states that all (plenary) the words (verbal) of the Bible are inspired by God. This view is […]