God’s Work in Our Lives

The Physical Work of God

All about us, we can see the work of God in the physical universe. The world was created by God and is sustained by God (Ps. 33:6-11). The atmosphere, seasonal changes, heat, and rain are all “acts of God.” Sometimes we call a terrible storm an “act of God.” While this is true, it is also an act of God when the sun rises on a clear summer day and when it hides behind a cloud during a refreshing spring shower. Our physical bodies are one of many amazing creations that exist in this world to remind us of the work of God. When we consider the intricacies of the body we begin to recognize the immense wisdom and creativity of God. The human body is limited and directed through human nature. God put a human nature in man and God works his purposes in the world through that avenue.

God does his work in other areas of our physical world. He has established the boundaries of the nations and the general course of human history. God is at work today in the internal and international affairs of many nations as he prepares all nations for the end times.

The Work of God in Society

God has established three institutions upon which our society rests: the family, government, and church. These three institutions are the foundation of society. God accomplishes his work through these institutions.

If these crumble, as some observers believe they may be doing today, the lives of many will crumble with them. It is important that we see God at work in the family, government, and church, and that we seek to work with, rather than against God in these areas.

Marriage was Ordained of God from the Beginning

The plan of God has always been one man for one woman for one lifetime. God never intended that the family should be destroyed by divorce. Marriage is the legal and socially accepted practice which meets the cultural need for children to be born and trained by their parents. The traditional family is more than a tradition. It is the design of God.

Government is a Divine Institution

It was established because the nature of God demands order. Even the worst form of government is better than anarchy. According to the Bible, government leaders are ministers of God. Although the establishment of government was by God, he is not responsible for bad leaders. The laws of governments ought to reflect the law of God. Christians are responsible to support, honor, and pray for all in authority. It is hard to understand how Christian leaders can support anti-God revolutionary movements committed to overthrowing their governments. This is directly opposed to the social work of God. Christians in every age have had to make difficult decisions concerning their support of governments that oppose the laws of God.

The Church

The church is foundational to our society, acting as the social con-science of the community. Jesus pictured the church as aggressively opposing and defeating the strongholds of the devil in the world (Matt. 16:13, 18).

Each of these three institutions has a role to play in carrying out the work of God in our society. We need to recognize the divine authority which established these three institutions.

The Spiritual Work of God

God permitted sin to enter the world but also determined to provide for man’s salvation. Lewis S. Chafer observed, “God determined not to hinder the course of actions which His creatures pursue, but He does determine to regulate and control the bounds and results of man’s actions.”

God’s provision for man’s salvation is twofold. First, he provided the means of salvation in the blood of Christ. Man is unable to save himself Jesus alone was a suitable sacrifice to effect the forgiveness of sins. Second, God provides the messengers of salvation. God calls individuals into the ministry of proclaiming the gospel. Beyond that, he has directed that every Christian should be a witness, actively involved in bringing the message of salvation to every creature.

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