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“Not to Know About God, to Know God” – Why God Withholds

Lately I have been pondering another aspect of the goodness of God, in an effort to better understand His perfect character. I cannot help but to think that God’s goodness is largely displayed by what He withholds from us. I realize that this may seem a difficult concept to accept, because we tend to consider […]


“Not to Know About God, to Know God” – God is Good, Always

Recently, a particular phrase caught my attention as a friend and I discussed our college-aged children and their acceptance into the first universities of their choice. Not surprisingly, I had just heard the same phrase used in church on a recent Sunday – following the announcement of an entirely different kind of blessing. The phrase […]


Christians in College – Learn Ways to Keep the Faith

Christians in College – Learn Ways to Keep the Faith Learn Ways to Strengthen Your Walk While Attending College Keeping and growing your faith while in college can be a challenge. Making a regular habit of the following ideas can help make it a little easier. Study to know why you believe what you believe and […]


Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?

Should Christians Listen to Secular Music? Is It a Sin? How Should Christians Approach Secular Music? Whether or not to listen to secular music is primarily about the song’s content, not the music itself. If the song’s message is one that is pure and honorable, such as a daughter’s love for her dad, then listen […]


3 Ways Christian Parents Can Prepare Their Kids for Dating

Dating is a scary proposition for teenagers today. The tension and the fear of the unknown are enough to make some start to hyperventilate. If the stress level is high for teens, it may even be higher for their parents. Christian parents should desire that their kids glorify God in all that they do, especially […]


What Did John the Baptist Eat?

What did John the Baptist Eat? The Man in the Wilderness In Matthew (the first Gospel), we’re introduced to John the Baptist who paves the way for a coming savior. In his description, he is distinguished from others in scripture by his surroundings (living wilderness), his attire and his choice of food. There have been […]


What did Noah Built the Ark Out Of?

What did Noah Built the Ark Out Of? How He Built An Ark 14 “Make for yourself an ark of gopher wood; you shall make the ark with rooms, and shall cover it inside and out with pitch.” – Genesis 6:14 In Genesis 6:14, God commanded Noah to build an Ark of Gofer (or Gopher) wood. Interestingly, this word […]


What Were the 10 Plagues of Egypt in Exodus?

What were the Plagues of Egypt in Exodus? Understanding Plagues In the Old Testament book of Exodus (the 2nd book of Moses), there are various signs recorded which were meant to persuade Pharaoh to release the Jews from captivity. These signs came in the form of ten plagues which affected the great Egyptian kingdom. A […]


How Can I Overcome Jealousy?

Dear Scott, my girlfriend is an amazing Christian woman who had a bit of a past. I’m fighting with constant jealousy. How can I stop being jealous? Dear Johnny, Jealousy definitely will drive a wedge in your relationship, and it needs to be dealt with, otherwise you will have regular problems. There are two types […]


How Can Christian Parents Respond to a Gay Child?

How Can Christian Parents Respond to their Gay Child? A Hot Topic Requiring Patience and Love Of all of the trending topics seen in the media today, none is more emotionally charged or controversial than the topic of homosexuality or same sex attraction. Christians are having a difficult time articulating a position that is both […]